Dre: Team management, game design, and production art

It’s exciting to work on this project. I work full time doing mainly team management, game design and production art, so working with [NAMESPACE] is a welcome change to make some real art. I typically work best in an ADD sort of mindset – not sticking to a single task for too long, so switching from my day job to my weekend job is good for my psyche.

The game idea we’re working on fits my personality pretty well: sarcastic, silly and unrealistic. It’s still really early in production so most of the details of the game are pretty vague. This means I get to explore a lot. I’m not sure anybody knows exactly what they’re looking for, but that’s half the fun. I’m currently working on the main characters. I don’t know too much about them, so it’s mainly exploring interesting shapes and visual language. I think some of my designs are pretty successful, but every successive round of designs I do get better and more sophisticated as I explore. Instead of figuring out who the character is, it’s becoming more of an exploration of the design language that will be used throughout the entire game.

I’m pretty confident in where things are going. The only downside is that I’m only working on this on the weekends. It’s a little bit hard for me to switch mindsets from every day life, to full-on art-nerd-mode. On a similar note, living with my parents sucks. It’s a soul drainer. Next month I hope to be on creative overdrive when I get my own place and have a nice work area.


Artman Extraordinaire