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Isla: Link Roundup 3/21/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es.

Video of the week: “ART DECO – Visual Learning Period Design” from Michael Pacitti


Song of the Week: Steven Universe – Something Entirely New (Remix feat. Adriana Figueroa & Miku-Tan)” by Video Game Remixes


Reading material: “Starting Your Own Game Development Studio – One Year On” on Gamasutra by Alex Petlenko

Excerpt: “Start with what’s coming in and what’s going out each month. That’s your cash flow and it’s the most important thing. Even if you have savings, without a healthy cash flow that leaves you positive at the end of each month, you will eventually go into the red. Next, look where can you trim costs. And trim them. Making cut-backs will buy you more time. More game development time! Once you understand your monthly flows, take your savings into account and calculate your survival period.”


Reddit thread of the week:I used to hate Lara Croft…” by/u/firestar1215

Excerpt: “I remember in the first game, when something happened (dont’ remember exactly what) and I just thought “well shit” and then I heard “shit!” from my headphones! Then when I finally got the grenade launcher, I was so freaking happy to dish out some pay back that I basically shouted “That’s right you bastards, now it’s your turn!” and she basically said the same thing as me.

I have never played as a girl with a personality in a video game that made me feel like I was playing a legit sexy, powerful, female fantasy. If this is what the guys get all the time? They have no idea how good they get it.



Random Shout-Out: “Video Game Attorney” (Ryan Morrison) has started a new firm with Michael Lee – Congratulations to them both on the creation of Morrison / Lee!


**NEW!!!**: Random link (No description, just click it… if you dare.)

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Isla: Link Roundup 3/14/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es.

Video of the week: “Mike Stout Skylanders GDC Speech 2012 (w Paul Reiche)

Song of the Week: VGM #62: Snowdin Town (Undertale) Ft. ThunderScott” by Ace Waters

Reading material: “3DNes adds another dimension to classic NES games” on engadget about Geod Studio

Reddit thread of the week:The “Texas Effect” on single-game gamers” by/u/PimpNinjaMan

Excerpt: “There’s a running joke that those individuals from the Lone Star State feel a more specific pride and will proudly proclaim ‘I’m from Texas’, trumping their national residency with their states location. Whether it’s the popularity of the state, its unique shape, or just the history regarding things like the Alamo, many Texans feel the best representation of where they come from is to share their Texas heritage. I’m curious if this effect takes place within the gaming community, particularly with those who classify themselves as players of a specific game rather than generic ‘gamers.’

Random Shout-Out: Sergey Galyonkin of Steam Spy and “Your target audience doesn’t exist

Excerpt: “When marketing research is talking about MOBA popularity and MMORPG decline they automatically assume it should work like in other industries — people switching from Gatorade to Coca-Cola, while there is plenty of space for smaller imitators and local brands.

But games, especially big ones, aren’t consumer products. I’d go as far as to say that each multiplayer game is a cultural self-reinforcing phenomenon, relying on its perceived popularity more than on its market share. It’s not enough to just offer a superior product with better marketing and brand recognition to convince people to switch from League of Legends to, say, Infinite Crisis. Yes, the latter has DC characters, TV series, comic books and even some movies. But the former was here first and didn’t just create the market — it is the market.”

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Isla: Link Roundup 3/7/16

If anyone has any submissions, suggestions, or things to add, please send ’em my way @isla_es.

Video of the week:Ico, and Design by Subtraction” from Mark Brown and Game Maker’s Toolkit

Song of the Week: De Gamuza by lucienpro_ on SoundCloud

Reading material:The significance of plot without conflict” by Still Eating Oranges

Reddit thread of the week:Would a “no combat/no challenge” mode be a welcome feature in traditional games?” by smurfslayer0

Excerpt: “To some degree, I think it is clear that some people would like it. Just look at how many people will watch the entirety of a game on Youtube or Twitch rather than playing through it. Some people just care about the story and don’t want to have to worry about fighting waves of enemies to get to it. While I probably would rarely ever use the feature and prefer a good mix of story and action, I know that I am only one type of gamer.

Random Shout-Out: Tumblr user crystalpoints with this post on the 6 Celtic nations.

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Isla: Link Roundup 2/29/16 (Leap day!)

As mentioned last week, if anyone has any suggestions for new categories, things to add, etc. Please let me know @isla_es.

Video of the week: “The Unseen History of Portal (VNN Exclusive)” from Tyler McVicker/Valve News Network

Reading material:10 Typical Perspective Errors” by Martina C.

Reddit thread of the week:How to approach a Youtuber to raise the chance your game gets covered” by DaMobileMob_YT

Do’s and Do Not’s

  • DO contact a youtuber via Email..
  • DO choose wisely what kind of youtuber you are going to contact (Genre, Commentary Style etc.)..
  • DO study the youtubers content to maybe find some facts that can help you approach him in a creative way..
  • DO not hesitate to contact any youtuber, they are all humans..
  • DON‘T CC! USE BCC! I don’t want to see how many other youtubers you were contacting before choosing to contact me..
  • DON‘T contact a youtuber via Social Media with your final product..
  • DON’T name the subject: MY GAME IS LIKE CANDY CRUSH, but… (That also counts for your first sentence)
  • DON’T give a youtuber the feeling that you have no idea about his channel’s content.

Random shoutout: Tom-Monster with this:

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Isla: Link roundup 2/22/16

I’m thinking of starting a new thing, weekly linkdumps. Hopefully this will be a useful resource (or at least an interesting timewaster). If anyone has any suggestions for new categories, things to add, etc. Please let me know @isla_es.

Image of the week: Roll Your Class (Source unknown)

Video of the week: “Chuck Jones – The Evolution of an Artist” from Every Frame a Painting

Article of the week:Emotions and Mechanics #3: Lessons about Serenity” by Yu-Cheng (Larry) Chang

“Paper” of the week:Rule Databases for Contextual Dialog and Game Logic or ‘How to Make Writers Even More Awesome‘” by Elan Ruskin

Reddit thread of the week:Getting Streamer to play your game, how we did it” by gambrinous, creator of Guild of Dungoneering

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Isla: Check Out This Cool Infographic I Found


Source: “Post Smarter: The Best Times to Use Social Platforms (Infographic)” by Dane Atkinson

Translated to mountain time, this means the best times to post to social media are as follows:

  • 2-5pm on Twitter
  • 3-6pm on Facebook
  • 9pm-12am on tumblr (Go to sleep, you guys have things to do in the morning!)
  • 7-8 on Instagram
  • 10pm-1am on Pinterest (You too, pinterest. 1am is NOT a good time to be looking at sad Untertale comics)


  • 11am-1pm on Google+
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Isla: You CAN see me, I’m no longer invisible

Look at this site, just look at it. It’s working! Now to grow this little garden we’ve set up.

Here’s the deal folks, we’re gonna keep you all up to date on what we’re doing, full transparency except for the things we’ve gotta keep secret for spoiler purposes.

To those of you reading this in the future, here’s what we HAVE been doing. Here’s hopin’ it’s valuable to you.

– Isla

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Isla: You can’t see me, I’m invisible

As I’m writing this, you can’t see anything, readers.

Nothing, I say!

That’s because the site isn’t public yet, but it’s working, oh it’s working all right.




And the things that are broken are significantly less broken!

And guess what else? We’re on tumblr, twitter, Facebook, and we even have a reddit account so we don’t have to use our real accounts!

God knows you don’t want to know what kind of weird subreddits we’re subscribed to on our personal accounts.


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Isla: I’m here to help

I’m Isla.

I’m here to help… well, you actually.

Yes you, the people reading this.

[NAMESPACE] wants this thing to be great, and I want to help. Actually, that’s kind of the one constant thing that’s happening here.

I’ll be handling playtesting, outreach, marketing, and hassling people for their advice on how to make things better.

As for you folks; got a question? Send it my way. Suggestions? Let me have ’em! Something on the website is broken?

…Ah hell, let me go fix that.