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Dre: Werkwerkwerkwerk

So I’ve been in a creative slump for the last couple of weeks. There has been too much going on in life, I think. I was having some meditation time in the mountains when I realized it could be that I’m not exercising enough. They say a strong body makes a strong mind and I haven’t been doing much of anything but working behind a computer.

This week started out slowly, but I started to get the ball rolling and things turned out better. I worked on the sleepers, but didn’t have much luck with them because of composition problems. I did get some practice at pixel arting, though. I started working on the coloring of Nemed. That was pretty fun.

I think a little redesign is in order, but nothing tooooooo major.

Anyhow, until next week!-RegDreToday

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Dre: Journal entry for Dre!

So there have been some developments with the company. Everything has been going well. I have been finishing up almost everything with our initial release and moving on to more artsy stuff.

I’m overall pretty happy with everything I’ve done. The world has been developing in a very positive way. Pieces are fitting together and puzzles have been working themselves out. There are still some small issues to be resolved, but I feel the major things have been addressed. There is still a lot of promotional art to be done and some projects I need to prove myself with, but I’m really liking the progression. I want to be involved in more game play decisions, but that is the next step… Pixel art, level layout, animations… These are on my mind. I have created games before and I think I could be a great asset in these areas.

My main job is as a game designer, so I understand art assets, sound, cohesion, and implementation. I want to be involved in this whole process and think I can improve the product as a whole. We shall see!


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Dre: Journal 26

So I got some pretty solid work done on Manandans face. The level of detail is nice and the elements I created are interesting. There are still a couple unremarkable places, mainly the ear, walls and bar. I solve a hundred problems just to realize I’ve created 10 hundred more. If everything was that easy, everyone without be doing it, though.

Anyhow, all that’s left is the interior, upstairs, and the other level details. Easy, right? Right!

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Dre: Journal 25

So I got stuck in the delta blackout last week. That was lame. Got stuck in Portland for 2 extra days after 2 canceled flights.

As far as Nemid’s playground goes, the map layout is getting pretty good. The map has enough size and variety of gameplay to be interesting. Now it just needs to be made more interesting. I like the red plants and the snake grass, but it doesn’t have the wow factor I’m looking for yet. Perhaps the sense of scale on things needs to increase. Perhaps the hint that you’re on some dude’s head needs to be more obvious. I’m not sure, but it’s definitely coming along.

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Dre: Journal 24

So the first level has been redesigned to reflect a more appropriate theme for the game. I liked the old one. I like the new one. There is quite a bit of work left to be fine to make it fit the level of detail the other maps have, but I’m ok with that. Also there is quite a bit of level design left to be done as well. I like doing that part of things because it creates lot of problems and solutions. I like solving problems.
Anyhow, until next week!

Paint Thrower Dre

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Dre: Revived

So I ran out of contract, but now I’m back.. INDEFINITELY (don’t tell the bosses). So I have enough time to finish all the map designs. I’m glad because I was worried that there would be some that were sub-par. I now have the time to finish things to the level I hoped they would get to, as well as time to do some level design and some promotional art. All these things fulfill a piece of my soul that has been empty for a while. Thanks Mr. [NAMESPACE]. I will be happy, you will be happy.

Also, on a side note, I have been depressed for a while (recent self diagnosis) but I have started recovery and I got a raise at my day job as well as a pretty solid performance review. It’s good to be reminded that I’m pretty awesome at what I do. So with the boosted confidence, I think everything will continue to get better. All my jobs are good and my personal life is also pretty good. Now I just needa find some ladies to pull me back into reality. BRING IT ON!

The conqueror.

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Dre: Journal 22 (I’ll go with that)

So this are coming to a close, but there are still do many things left to do. I’m getting pretty comfortable with ask the recent work I’ve done. The forest is cool, the shops are cool, and the tunnels are cool. They are finally starting to have the flare that I wanted to put in them.
The only ish is that there is still like 50% if the interiors left, not to mention revamping all my older stuff to match the newer. I’m not sure how necessary all of that is, but I know it would market me feel more comfortable because the world would feel more cohesive. Along with the visual development, there is story and gameplay stuff that goes along with it, which I find incredibly fun to explore.
Its pretty interesting to see where things started and how they have developed into something that is pretty fun to look at. Hopefully the gameplay so be equally as fun to experience.

Dremaniac the artitianato.

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Dre: Journla number next

So I’ve been working on things that are much more detailed for the last couple of weeks. It’s fun to really get in to the places now that I’m understanding the world better. The tricky part right now isn’t just figuring out all the things that make the world alive, but also throwing in some level design with it. I’m still not totally cognizant of how the game plays, so it’s a bit of a struggle getting the gameplay mechanics in with the art. I feel like I’ve succeeded so far in figuring out the world, so figuring out the game should follow suit.

There are still so many things left to do and such a short amount of time left. There are still more than half the interiors to do complete as well as a revamp with the map to fit the level of detail many parts of the world have. I’m pretty confident I can meet my deadline, but it’ll be a lot of work… but that’s how you make quality stuff eh?

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Dre: Journal 20ish

So the map making has been going well. I like world’s end and the bacon forest. They are at a level that I’m really comfortable with. It makes me look back on uptown and realize that there is quite a bit more to do on it. The detail level has been ramped up significantly and uptown doesn’t keep to the same standards. Despite that, there is a lot of work still left to do in undertown and the grand passage as well. The interiors of all the places area still yet to be done. The mansion interior is another place that has yet to be touched. These will probably be the hardest part because they need to look like they’ve been lived in and also reflect their purposes. I’m not too worried about it, though, because I feel that one the ball gets ruling, they will come together pretty quickly and each will build on the previous. Soon all the hard parts will be finished and we can focus on the fun part… Making art to really sell the place as somewhere people want to explore. It’s been a fun journey so far and had been the highlight of my recent days. It’s crazy that we’re almost finished with this chapter. Better things will always come and this world keeps getting stronger as it becomes more developed.

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Dre: Journal 19

So I’ve been working on maps maps maps. I like how most of them are turning out, but there is still so much detail to be done in order for them to feel lived in. The tricky part isn’t drawing, as much as it is brainstorming all the subtle details that need to be made in order to make the place feel alive. So far, I haven’t spent much time doing that.

The layouts are basically done and I’m pretty comfortable with where they are. This week I think I’ll be focusing mainly on the brain-work. Why are the tunnels longer than the most straight-forward approach? What fill the rooms? Why do people put up with taking the long route? There will need to be some pretty serious thought put into making the place more than ordinary, but it should be pretty doable. The last 2 or 3 weeks have been spent drawing, but I need to step back and really think out what is going on in these places. The gangs would need to feel safe in the tunnels to be able to rule them. How do they hide from respectable people but still harass the vulnerable? What makes the bacon forest more than just a big arrangement of trees? What fills the halls of the morgue?

I’ll return with visual answers to these questions.

Until then,
The artist?