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Isla: Link roundup 5/22/17

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Video of the Week: Get Journalists to Cover Your Game: Lessons from Online Dating, Praying and No Man’s Sky” from Thomas Reisenegger (@Olima)

Song of the week: SAMURAI JACK” [Theme Song Remix!]” by Remix Maniacs (@RemixManiacs)

Reading Material Just kidding it’s another video: Why Perfect Blue is Terrifying” from Super Eyepatch Wolf (@EyePatchWolf)

Reddit thread of the week: Many games allow you to build/improve a Homebase of some kind. What games do this well and why?” by /u/Jlpeaks

OP Excerpt:  “Different games allow you to have a homebase of some description and that differs greatly depending on the game. In Assassins creed it’s often a resource dump and a way of gating certain upgrades. In Mass Effect: Andromeda it’s a more integral part of the plot (although also boils down to upgrades)

There are many other examples like this where the base mechanic feels slightly tacked on in so much as the game could function just fine if the base was purely a plot device.

There also games where the base building feels more like a bit of customisation. A recent example of this is Fallout 4 with its settlements.

Whenever I think of this my mind always goes back to the PS1 days and the original Digimon World. In that game you start with two empty fields and as you progress through the world you defeat/quest for Digimon who move into those fields and offer a service. It’s not a mere statistical upgrade either, certain Digimon form vital functions such as your shop or fast travel mechanic. Whilst playing through this game you get the strong impression that your building up something that’s integral to your progress. I guess it’s remembering that feeling that has prompted this post.

What’s everyone’s opinion of what makes a good homebase mechanic and are there any recent gems that have pulled it off really well?”

Artist of the Week: The sometimes NSFW artist and illustrator Ulrik Badass (@UlrikBadAss)

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare