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The Ultimate Game Dev Reading List

When I decided to start make video games I went about consuming as much material about the subject as I possibly could. I didn’t stop at game design, I wanted to learn everthing from animation to business.

I don’t claim to know everything or even to have retained all of the material that I have come across, but I am often asked the question, “What should I read if I want to do game design?” In short, everything. That is usually an unsatisfactory answer for most so I decided to put together a list.

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Christian: And from the Ashes

The workaround is now fully in place, and we’ve managed to make things a good deal simpler. Now, our game has the following structure. Upon game start, a “Setup scene” is loaded. The purpose of this scene is to hold the singletons and the travelers. Basically, anything that there is only one of (e.g. the dialog database) or that is expected to move from scene to scene (e.g. the player gameobject) is placed in this scene. Also in the setup scene, is a script which waits till the setup scene is loaded, and then additively loads the specified scene.

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