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Christian: 50/50

Well, I was right about the curved pieces going well with the existing data structure… sorta. As far as geometry goes it’s smooth sailing. I had to cut the curved pieces into faces, which admittedly took a bit more doing than I expected, but in the end I was able to get curved faces for both convex and concave edges. Next up was inserting those faces into level builder, and again it went relatively smoothly. after a few minor modifications, the level engine treats the curved pieces just like the triangles and stretched quads that they replace. The part that became difficult was the texturing system. There were not that many vertices to keep track of before now (at most, 4). After adding the curved pieces, I have to keep track of up to 18 vertices and their uvs and normals. So this is going to lead to a lot of new uv configurations. It isn’t difficult to make new uv configurations, it just takes a while, so hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here.

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Podcast Episode 4: More Podcasts

Hi guys!

We managed to record past our intended number of podcast episodes for October! Whoo~!

We are taking this week off to rest and do edits on our beautiful audio recordings. For the most part I think the episodes are entertaining enough to hold a listeners attention for about an hour, and with the magic of audio editing that string of endless babble coming out of my mouth will end up sounding somewhat intellegent. :p

I think Sean and I did an alright job seeing as this was our first time attempting something like this so I’m pretty happy.

Got to go do some more edits,

Till next time,


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How To Use Slack Without Losing You Mind or Your Precious Files

I worked on podcasts and a few other things this week; however, the main thing I want to share this week is how to use slack as an indie. That is how to keep using slack for free without losing all of your shit.


Slack is a wonderful application but comes up short when it comes to having to pay to access old files that you have posted. Enter Odrive. You can connect Odrive to slack to constantly backup all files uploaded to slack for free. The second pain in the ass with Slack is that deleting files is only able to be done one at a time through their shitty interface. Enter, bulk remove files from Slack, script Thank you Santiago and the others at Levato for saving me the time it would have taken to familiarize myself with Python and write this myself. With that out of the way, I no longer have to worry about storage space on slack or losing our art files. Woo fucking hoo!

Until Next Week,


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Isla: Link roundup 10/25/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es.

Video of the Week: How to make Playstation 1 games – Part 1: Hello World” from Wituz (@_Wituz)

Song of the week: Wizard Of Meh” by Pogo (@NickBertke)

Reading material: Negotiations For Game Devs: A Practical Guide, Part 1” by Justin Fischer (@justin__fischer) at IndieWatch (@lndieWatch)

Excerpt: “Negotiating is one of the most fundamental skills in business and, truthfully, life. Some people have a knack for it. As for the rest of us, a little structure and a few concepts can go a long way. This article and it’s follow up will introduce you to the fundamentals of negotiating and give you some basic but essential tools for crafting effective deals.”

Reddit thread of the week: What if Tetris were created now? by /u/teknocore

OP:  “I’ve been thinking about this lately. Tetris is an incredibly simple game that is still extremely valid today because of its design. However it’s still a game from the 80s that used the technology and lessons from those years. I’d like to start a dialogue about what a game that has simplicity and brilliance of Tetris would look like nowadays, by taking advantage of everything we’ve learned since then about puzzles and interfaces.”


Artist of the Week: Artist and worldbuilder Magera Gordon (, @DimeSpin)

YouTuber of the Week: CCMiike (@CCMiike): Argentinian Amigo Extraordinaire

Podcast of the Week: A Life Well Wasted (iTunes)

Description: “An internet radio show about videogames and the people who love them.”

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare

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Christian: All the colors of the rainbow

Texturing has indeed gone smoothly! I was able to use the uv configurations that I made, as well as the predictable order in which the different block types appear in the atlas to make a texturing system that accepts any appropriate atlas as input. Right now all of the textures have hard cut offs, (that is, they don’t blend into one another) but that will have to wait for another time. In other news, the integration of the curved pieces is taking longer than expected, but is still progressing. I have to rework some of the placement code, but it looks like the curved pieces will go nicely with the rest of the existing data structure.

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Hadi: Podcasts Continue

Hey Guys!

So we are STILL working on our stockpile of podcast episodes…

We have learned so much, and there’s still so much more to learn. For example, did you know that having a cheaper dynamic mic is much more effective than using a condenser mic which is much more sophisticated. The condenser mic is just way too good, so if you want to have a mic per speaker on the podcast the condenser mic will pick up all the surrounding speakers. Yes you could use a program to isolate the sounds that aren’t from the desired source, but the end result is very mechanical sounding and synthetic. So we’ve ordered two new dynamic mics with a clamp boom arm with a shock stabilizer and a pop filter and that ended up being the same price as one condenser mic. I guess it just goes to show that to do a job you don’t always have to get the “best” equipment or apparatus to perform the job, and in this case it ended up being a drawback for recording which is pretty interesting!

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Apart from that I get to go through all the episodes and edit/clean up some of the more awkward sections of the podcast. It’s mostly a lot of umm[s] and silent gap, which hopefully overtime Sean and I will get better at keeping track of during the actual podcast. So far I feel like we’ve started sounding better at each consecutive episode, so the future might be a bright one~! On a sadder note, I finally managed to finalize all the edits on episode 001 based on the input we got from Isla, but alas slavebot my computer decided that he wanted to be old that day, so as soon as I was done with the episode he decides to crash on me, making me lose the episode… so I get to edit a 3rd time! YAY! 😛

On that note; gotta go do some more stuff.

Till next week,


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Sean: Sprites and Depth Buffers

This week I started my dive back into shader world. Turns out not writing in CG for a few months means that I forgot much of what I had picked up the first time. The problem that I am attempting to solve via CG is that the way our scene has to be set up, the character billboard sprite is angled at 45 degrees in 3d space and clips into object directly behind the character due to the angle. To fix the clipping issue, I am writing a shader that renders the angled sprite at the depth value of the collider. At least that is what I am attempting to do. So far I can write the sprite to a new depth value and the sprite no longer clips into objects behind it. The new problem is that the sprite is now being rendered too far forward. This issue should hopefully be resolved soon, but a second problem that has arisen in the shader’s behavior with other sprites. As of yet I can either write to the z-buffer and have the shader render correctly in relation to other sprites but the alpha misbehaves, or I can not write to the z-buffer, alpha layer behaves properly but the shader refuses to play nicely with the other sprites and instead hides behind all of them. Sigh More CG intricacies to learn.

Until next week.

Sean Bacon

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Andrew: Back from the dead

Been gone for what feels like forever, I got sent away to Vegas for my 9-5 job for which time I was subjugated to meetings. After the meeting fest, I was whisked off to my younger brothers wedding, it was nice. I got back last night and proceeded to get an entire 4 hours of sleep. Some things just don’t change. I have been super crappy in following up with slack as I have traveled, tonight i catch up on comments and re align my center.

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Isla: Link roundup 10/18/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es.

Video of the Week: Animation vs. Minecraft (original)” from Alan Becker (@alanthebecker)

Song of the week: Beautiful Guitar Loop (Complete) Hvetter” from HvetterMusic

Reading material: “1982-1987 – The Birth of Japanese RPGs, re-told in 15 Games” by Felipe Pepe (@felipepepe)

Excerpt: “Computer RPG History is poorly kept in the West.

The stories told rarely goes beyond “Richard Garriott made Akalabeth – and there was much rejoice”.
And that’s with everyone speaking English, developers still being around, many books on the subject, and impressive efforts like emulators, the Internet Archive and Cyber1.

In Japan is way, way worse. “

Reddit thread of the week: Is VR really the “next big thing”? by /u/cgamonitor

OP:  “Just like to see what the community thinks, I for one cannot imagine wearing a VR headset for more than an hour tops. I know the industry is trying really hard to make this happen. Those of you around my age will remember VR being the big buzzword in the 90s as well, but it never really took off. Do you guys think it’s the way things are heading, or is it cybermaxx again?”

Artist of the Week: Vi J (@kvebox)

Podcast of the Week: IGN Games Podcasts

Description: All IGN Games Podcasts in one location. See also: the “Podcast” tag on IGN News & Updates

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare