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Frank: Journal 10

Apologies for the missed journal entry last week.  Had a little hard drive mishap but I learned my lesson about backing up data the hard way not too long ago so it only hampered me for a few days. I have only gotten a few hours in over the past two weeks on game-related music, and this was due in part to a large amount of family and holiday related activities but also because I have been working on a song I recently wrote. Yes, I felt guilty the whole time because I should have been working on finally getting Shadow finished, and I am sorry for that. It started when I was just mindlessly strumming to unwind after getting home from work. I liked something I played and decided I needed to record it, and before I knew what had happened it was a couple weeks later and I had a nearly complete song (with lyrics, but missing drums and vocals). I couldn’t help myself – any time I would open my DAW to work on something my focus would drift over to the aforementioned song and I would end up opening that one up instead. Now that I am nearly finished with it, I think it is mostly out of my system (and once it’s done, I’ll post on Soundcloud for anyone interested).

I still feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing in regards to mixing and mastering, so I am continuing to try and learn as much as I can about that as well as other parts of the music production process using online classes and articles (Coursera is the shit). It feels like I have wasted a lot of time editing and automating parameters without a clear sense of how to create a good mix, so I am hoping to avoid wasting any additional time doing this again.

Happy belated Easter and super-belated St. Patty’s day!