Isla: Link Roundup 3/7/16

If anyone has any submissions, suggestions, or things to add, please send ’em my way @isla_es.

Video of the week:Ico, and Design by Subtraction” from Mark Brown and Game Maker’s Toolkit

Song of the Week: De Gamuza by lucienpro_ on SoundCloud

Reading material:The significance of plot without conflict” by Still Eating Oranges

Reddit thread of the week:Would a “no combat/no challenge” mode be a welcome feature in traditional games?” by smurfslayer0

Excerpt: “To some degree, I think it is clear that some people would like it. Just look at how many people will watch the entirety of a game on Youtube or Twitch rather than playing through it. Some people just care about the story and don’t want to have to worry about fighting waves of enemies to get to it. While I probably would rarely ever use the feature and prefer a good mix of story and action, I know that I am only one type of gamer.

Random Shout-Out: Tumblr user crystalpoints with this post on the 6 Celtic nations.