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Frank: One Step Closer

My main accomplishment this past week has been getting a solid percussion track completed. Percussion is always my least favorite part and doesn’t tend to be a strong suite of mine, but after trying many different things I finally got something I like. Aside from that, I have played around with a few different sounds and adding some more tracks to highlight the existing melodies (specifically in the middle and later portions of the song), but so far I haven’t come up with anything that excites me. It seems like most of the things I’ve tried adding just increase the clutter, so I’m going to try a different plan of attack. I’m going to do some research and do some youtube-ing to get some inspiration, and probably listen to the posted soundtracks again for the umpteenth time. Also, any additional feedback you guys have will be appreciated. The most helpful feedback is specific and usually critical, so let me know what parts you still don’t like and where you think it falls short.

In other news, I will finally be returning to my regular job tomorrow. Although I still feel far from 100% (especially after a particularly horrendous trip to the ER on Tuesday night that involved vomiting a great deal of blood and almost ended in a transfusion and an emergency trip back to the OR) my boss is beginning to apply pressure. I also need to be making money again, and I am beginning to go crazy after being cooped up for so long. Hopefully it won’t result in further complications.

That’s it for this time.