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Frank: A Plethora of New Instruments, and Blood

The nightmare continues. So far I have been back to the ER twice for emergency recauterization due to uncontrollable bleeding in one of my tonsil beds. It was a pretty shitty experience because they both happened at like 2 AM and I was 100% conscious while he stuck needles and an electrocautery tool in the back of my throat. Despite that, the psychological stress of expecting to start bleeding again now outweighs any pain I’m having. However, I have still managed to get a good amount of work done in spite of this.

I finally got the Chrono Trigger soundfont to work in Ableton and reconstructed the Chip song, and though it still doesn’t sound great and requires a great deal of additional work it will now be much easier to work with (Ableton is better than Garage Band in almost every facet). Because of my troubles with this, I have learned a lot about soundfonts and VST plug-ins and have since downloaded about 5 gigs of high quality instruments to play with. I have been using these to change the instrumentation of Shadow, and so far I am really liking the results. I have made the opening melody much more interesting, and have added a couple of tracks to highlight and add more character to it. I think I’m definitely getting closer to the sound and feel that we’re looking for. The percussion is still too basic and needs to be built up, the opening part of the song needs to flow into the middle more, I still need to add a bit more color with secondary counterpoint melodies and background sounds, and after all that dynamics and other parameters need to be polished. It sounds like a lot remaining to do, but it’s getting there.

Go Broncos.