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Frank: Bitching About His Tonsillectomy

I’ll keep this short so that I don’t annoy everyone with my whining.

The past week has been a hellish one. I’ll spare you the gory details but if anyone ever considers getting a tonsillectomy as an adult, make sure you really need it. I knew it would be bad, but wasn’t prepared for what “bad” actually was. It’s definitely the worst pain I’ve experienced, and it has only gotten worse since day 1.  I’ve spoken maybe 10 words since Tuesday, and gotten about that same number of hours of sleep since then (I have to drink water at least every hour to prevent my throat from drying out and take pills every 2 hours, and I choke on my grotesquely swollen uvula every time I begin to nod off). Right now I am basically a delirious manic-depressive with the mental capacity of a lobotomite.

I have tried a few times this past week to work on the songs but I only managed to achieve sustained focus once, and during that I got what should’ve been at most an hour of work done in about three. I have been able to listen to a lot of the posted music, but I will probably listen to much of it again since nothing has really stuck. Needless to say, I am quite demoralized since I was anticipating being able to use a good amount of my recovery time working on this. I’ll continue attempting to make progress, but now am less optimistic about what I’ll be able to achieve until I am semi back to normal. As of now, Shadow is at a point where it is a solid outline – the structure, progression, and melodies are there. The work remaining to be done is polishing up dynamics/parameters, perfecting instrument sounds and nailing down orchestration, experiment with adding to it elements of electro-swing and different  cultural/ethnic themes and elements. Chip – got Chrono Trigger soundfont to work in Ableton, so just need to reconstruct tracks from Garage Band and begin reinstrumentation. This song is still in its earliest stages.

This was longer than I planned. Sorry for the bitching and wallowing in self-pity.