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Sean: So far so good.

So far so good.

Not a great way to start a journal entry, but then again who am I trying to impress with this shit.

The world? Hardly.

My team? Slightly.

Myself? Mostly I guess.

Seems like a hard task. Surprising yourself that is. Yet that is exactly what has been happening these past few weeks. Continuous surprise at how well things are going. I guess saying it that way makes it sound bad, but the name of the game is to expect the worst right? Finding and contracting Dre, our concept artist and Christian, our Programmer went as smooth as could have been hoped for.

The last week and half work has been a mixture of finalizing administration (woohoo!/s), world creation and game design. I have to say that I am really excited with what we have come up with, I think we are getting really close to finalizing the history of this world we are building. Spiraling towards the center as Hadi would say.

The entire design of the game is looking like something that I can get really excited about. Which is important, it shows whether you’re into your own game. Guillermo del Toro has a great quote on this in an interview with Ken Levine, (definitely worth the listen), that the creative process is like sex;

“It’s hard to fuck without a boner”.

Wiser words have never been spoken.

Well, now it’s time to consolidate all of these scraps of paper and whiteboard diagrams into a singular design doc.

-Sean Bacon